Thursday, May 5, 2011

Public Speaking-feeling before and after class ENG276

At first, before studying the subject of public speaking, I feel scared because I do not speak fluent in English. I also feel shy to speak in English. When I first entered the public speaking class, I was scared to talk. Very low confidence to speak. The first experience I've got is when the lecturer give me a task to perform on informative speech and it was very frightening moment for me. I was very nervous to start the conversation. Many new experiences that I have learned from following this public speaking class. Especially, I have to improve speech in English. Confidence has also been increasingly. Insyaallah with what I've learned from public speaking class this will help me when the nature of work soon. Lastly, public speaking subject was help to improve myself. Thank you to my lecture, Ms.Qairunisya Wildu because you have make improvement in my life.